Things in Threes

Things In Threes

Stop and consider, if you have time,the things which are expressed by threes

Group One -- Pages in WardsWiki 
( also called C2 - C is the third letter 
  in the alphabet, 2 is the third in the 
  sequence 0,1,2

  • Balancing Readers Writers And Editors
  • Estimates Longer Than Three Days Considered Harmful
  • Extended Three Letter Acronym
  • Quadrant Three
  • Rule Of Three
  • Say It Three Times
  • Software Development By Threes
  • Sorting Exactly Three Items
  • The Three Extremos
  • There Are Exactly Three Paradigms
  • Things In Threes
  • Third Version Effect
  • Three Ars
  • Three Branches Of Government
  • Three Dead Trolls In a Baggie
  • Three Engineering Types Joke
  • Three Envelopes
  • Three Examples
  • Three Kinds Of Critics
  • Three Kinds Of Typing
  • Three Kinds Of Wiki Participants
  • Three Laws Of Robotics
  • Three Letter Acronym
  • Three Letter Agencies
  • Three Levels Of Audience
  • Three Line System
  • Three Monkeys
  • Three Pages In One
  • Three Phases Of Design
  • Three Pillars Of The New Economic System
  • Three Ring Binder
  • Three Roads To QuantumGravity
  • Three Rules
  • Three Stages Of Knowledge
  • Three Strikes
  • Three Strikes And You Automate
  • Three Strikes And You Refactor
  • Three Tier Architecture
  • Three Types Of Science And Engineering
  • Three Valued Logic
  • Three Virtues Of a Programmer
  • Three Week Milestones
  • Used Three Times

    Group Two -- Collections on the Internet

  • 45 things in threes
  • Good things come in threes
  • The book of threes
  • Examples of the rule of three
  • the three three three game
  • tic tac toe

    Historical Perspectives

  • past present future present-future-quotes
  • group dynamics them us me - framing relationships - The Old Testament perspective
  • Psychology facts
  • Grumpy Cat Memes
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